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Support to the State Chancellery in decentralization/local public policy formulation and implementation
Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP)

Local Government Revenue Sources and Expenditures in Turkey and Selected EU Countries
Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project (LAR Phase II)

Sub-national governments and the crisis: fiscal impact and policy responses

Tracking transition: assessing the impact of local reform in Kosovo

Review of mechanisms in Europe and design a regulatory framework for promotion of inter-municipal partnerships

Multi-Country Review of Insolvency Frameworks & Procedures

Leningrad Oblast Environmental Investment Programme

MSP Backstopping

LOGOS – Kosovo

Taxation Reform Project

Serbia Capital Markets Technical Assistance - Municipal Bond Development

Study Tour on Industrial Park Development

Support to design the Reform Strategy for the transformation of Municipal Public Utility companies in Serbia

Lot 7 "Final Evaluation of the China Europe Public Administration Programme"

Quality assurance of the 1st Regional Training on Ex-ante Policy Impact Assessment

Municipal Taxing Powers - Study tour for Bulgaria’s officials to Hungary

Lot 7, Ex-ante evaluation of the "Reconciliation, confidence building measures and support to civil society" project

Strengthening the INA and RTCs capacity for developing the Corps of Professional Civil Servants

Support for the Decentralization Process in Kosova

Capacity Strengthening for Administrative Decentralisation Croatia

Support to the Development of Standards for Civil Service Provision

Democratising Ukraine Small Project Scheme – Study tour for Ukraine’s officials to Hungary

Fostering Indonesian Local Investment Promotion And Management In Decentralization Era Using European Experience

Training course on planning and financing cities in transition

Advice of fiscal policy reform

Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Bosnia

Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Finance on Fiscal Decentralization

Make Decentralisation Work

Eastern Serbia Municipal Support Programme

Northeast Bosnia Local Government Support Activity

Serbia Local Government Support Program