Democratising Ukraine Small Project Scheme – Study tour for Ukraine’s officials to Hungary

Country/Locality Ukraine and Hungary
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Officials of the selected Ukrainian municipalities
Origin of funding
DFID, UK Embassy to Hungary
Starting date 11/2005
Ending date 11/2005
Partner -
Detailed description of project
The purpose of the Democratising Ukraine Small Project Scheme is to enable the strengthening of the democratic voice in selected communities – Donetsk and Lviv oblasts – by increasing the capacity of civil society organisations to help poor and vulnerable people influence policy and the delivery of services. The beneficiaries of the Programme are the poor and vulnerable people within Ukrainian society who are unable to acquire, or have limited access to services and opportunities to secure their social and economic needs. The Programme activities include development and work through non-governmental organisations and other civil society organisations, building partnerships, coalitions and networks between these organisations and other stakeholders, such as local and national administrations. The two major components of the Programme are:
  • designing and implementing community micro-projects
  • providing methodological and expert support to communities by conducting trainings and consultations, publishing and disseminating printed materials
Type of services provided
LGID has prepared and managed a study tour of municipal officials from “Democratising Ukraine Pilot Communities” project to Hungary. LGID has organised and managed visits of the study tour participants to four pre-selected Hungarian municipalities, and the national parliament. During the tour, a number of presentations were given and discussions held on various topics of local government-NGO cooperation, legal and regulatory framework of NGO operations, and lobbying at the central level.

The outcomes of the study tour were: increased awareness of the governance agenda at the local level; and improved understanding of the processes and techniques of devising community development strategies.