Tracking transition: assessing the impact of local reform in Kosovo

Country/Locality Kosovo
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Forum 2015
Origin of funding
Kosovo Foundation for Open Society
Starting date 01/2009
Ending date 05/2010
Partner -
Detailed description of project
This policy research project analyzed the factors influencing the cooperation of the Belgrade led (“parallel”) municipalities in the enclaves with the Kosovo state. The project was based on the assumption that inducing Kosovo Serbs into Prishtina’s decentralization scheme is to make it better performing than the parallel one. Our specific policy recommendations are grouped around (i) strengthening of the institutional mechanisms ensuring the effective accountability of elected politicians and the measures for (ii) broadening local de facto autonomy in policy formulation and implementation. Ways out from the present situation might be developed by (i) promoting the relative benefits of the Kosovo decentralization scheme in comparison with the shortcomings of the Serbian local practices; (ii) furthering decentralization reforms in Kosovo in relation to the negative tendencies and missing elements of the Kosovar local government system and (iii) launching initiatives for altering public attitudes in Serbia, which could ultimately support those stakeholders who are for cooperation with the Kosovar institutions.
Type of services provided
  1. Policy research on the local reform process and writing a report on the issues of decentralization in Kosova
  2. Coordinating and overseeing the field-work of local research team
  3. Mentoring and quality control over the assessment report on the administrative linkages of parallel municipalities to Belgrade and the study on financing methods of Serbian government in Kosovo
  4. To deliver a presentation on main results and findings at the Forum 2015 round-table and events
  5. To publish the project final report