Support for the Decentralization Process in Kosova

Country/Locality Kosovo
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Kosova Foundation for Open Society
Origin of funding
Starting date 05/2006
Ending date 07/2006
Partner -
Detailed description of project
This project aims to contribute to the design of decentralization policies in Kosovo. Specific objectives of this project are (i) to prepare a sound decentralization policy for the period after an agreement was made on the status of Kosovo and (ii) to provide assistance to negotiators at the status talks in Vienna. The aim is to present the policy framework of decentralization and to identify basic conditions of successful devolution of functions, public revenues, establishing favorable organizational and management structures. These elements of decentralization should be designed as brief policy papers, reflecting the progressive elements of theory and using the recent best practices from Central and Southern Eastern Europe.
Type of services provided
Technical assistance and support to Forum 2015 as the primary beneficiary of the project. The TA will be delivered in several ways, as outlined below:
  • Introductory paper on the components and forms of successful decentralization, focusing on the fiscal aspects of devolution;
  • Series of short decentralization briefing notes;
  • Coordinated policy proposals, reflecting the options for reform in Kosovo;
  • Workshop and conference presenting the policy notes and the professional capacity behind Forum 2015;
  • Publication of the policy notes and the conference proceedings in three languages (Albanian, English, Serbian).