Study Tour on Industrial Park Development

Country/Locality Serbia and Hungary
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Urban Institute
Origin of funding
Starting date 11/2008
Ending date 11/2008
Partner -
Detailed description of project
Municipalities in Serbia expressed an interest to establish new legal entities for industrial zone management and for providing additional services to industrial zone tenants. Responding to this request the Municipal Economic Growth Activity (MEGA) Program organized a study tour on Industrial Park/Zone in Hungary. The main objectives of the study tour were to present to the Serbian municipal officials Industrial Park (IP) establishment process, management issues, activities, the legal framework, types of local and state incentives through examples of best practices and exchange of experience with Hungarian IP managers, other actors of local economic development and business partners.
Type of services provided
The program of the study tour was organized in three major sessions. The first part was about the (i) national and European Union and regional/local framework for IP development in Hungary. The second part included (ii) site visits to four Industrial Parks. The final part (iii) summarized the lessons learnt by the participants at the presentations, meetings and site visits in Hungary.