Serbia Local Government Support Program

Country/Locality Serbia
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Government of Serbia and Standing Conference of Towns and selected municipalities in Serbia
Origin of funding
Starting date 12/2002
Ending date 10/2005
Partner Development Alternatives Inc.
Detailed description of project
The Serbia Local Government Reform Program (SLGRP), that is being implemented under subcontract to the Development Alternatives International DAI (prime contractor), is focused on decentralisation policy reform and improvement of public service delivery at local level. LGID provides expertise on modernisation of communal enterprises; professional support on citizen participation and local government association development. LGID's comparative advantage is the access to the experiences of other CEE countries, which have already undergone similar transformations in their municipal systems.
Type of services provided
LGID provides a full time communal enterprise development specialist who is mentoring local specialists, advising and training enterprise managers and municipal staff, as well as organises the development and implementation of the project's communal enterprise team's strategy. In addition, LGID provides short term technical advisors for (I) writing a national manual on costing communal services across the country and training local personnel in its practical use, and (ii) training SLGRP local (training of trainers) and municipal staff in citizen participation programs. Another assignment under this project was to assist Serbian municipalities in setting up the one-stop permitting centers. LGID has establish two such centers in the selected cities.