Quality assurance of the 1st Regional Training on Ex-ante Policy Impact Assessment

Country/Locality Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova, Serbia
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
UNDP, Bratislava Resource Center
Origin of funding
Starting date 01/03/2008
Ending date 15/07/2008
Partner -
Detailed description of project
Provision of an international consultant for quality assurance over the design and delivery of the first regional training on cross-cutting issues in ex-ante policy impact assessment. The target group of the training were civil servants and representatives of civil society organisations from Southern Eastern Europe. This regional project aimed to build a pool of national experts in ex-ante impact assessment.
Type of services provided
Participating in the selection procedure of the contractor and evaluation of the technical proposals;
Advising the selected contractor during the training design phase;
Assistance with the facilitation of the regional training;
Writing a final report on the regional training and making recommendations about further training and other follow-up activities.