Northeast Bosnia Local Government Support Activity

Country/Locality Bosnia
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Selected municipalities in BiH
Origin of funding
Starting date 11/2002
Ending date 09/2005
Partner PADCO
Detailed description of project
The LGSA is USAID Bosnia's technical assistance program to promote more participatory, inclusive democratic society. The project has three specific project areas:
  • Improve administrative and management systems, transparency mechanisms for citizen-government dialogue, and the delivery of public services in order to raise the level of citizen satisfaction in its local government and the services it provides;
  • Develop learning networks and systems for sharing and exchanging information in order to improve the knowledge, professionalism and professional skills of local government officials;
  • Provide direct city management advice to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of the Brcko District.
Type of services provided
LGID is PADCO's primary subcontractor in this project and its tasks are extensive and diversified. LGID is providing the following training, technical assistance and other tasks in each of the 6 participating BiH municipalities:
  • Strategic planning for local economic development
  • Establishing citizen information centers
  • Creating one-stop-shops
  • Establishing a functioning complaints system
  • Formulating an issue-driven public participation process
  • Media-related issues (press and public information)
  • Budget execution analysis
  • Fiscal discipline and budget reporting
  • Introduction of modern budget process techniques
  • Citizen participation in the budget process
  • Establishment of Local Government Network
  • Establish a Twinning program between BiH municipalities and sister towns in Bulgaria
  • Authoring, publishing and disseminating training manuals on selected activities above.