Make Decentralisation Work

Country/Locality Macedonia
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Macedonia’s municipalities
Origin of funding
Starting date 10/2004
Ending date 09/2007
Partner Development Alternatives Inc.
Detailed description of project
The Make Decentralisation Work (MDW) project is to assist the Government of Macedonia and municipalities to implement the devolution of competencies from the central to local government. In particular, the MDW project is to assist the municipalities to establish the financial management and tax administration capacity to assume new competencies under decentralisation; to successfully manage the package of property tax and related local taxes; to regularly utilise identified citizen participation mechanisms and incorporate citizen input into public decision-making; and to implement modern urban planning systems, resulting in demonstrated improvement in the key indicator areas (zoning, customer service/ permitting, city planning). In addition, the project is to assist the municipal associations to demonstrate increasing financial independence and sustainability; to help the Government define a sound secondary legislation and regulatory environment toward the successful implementation of the decentralisation process; and to establish an improved regulatory environment for Public Communal Enterprises, demonstrated by higher collection rates, improved financial management and improved customer satisfaction.
Type of services provided
LGID is a key partner on the implementation team for the project’s component related to public communal enterprises. In particular, LGID provides technical assistance and training in the areas of improved regulatory framework and enhanced effectiveness and financial management for enterprises that provide potable water supply, waste water treatment, solid waste collection, and street cleaning and cemetery maintenance. This, in particular, includes the technical assistance to municipalities in the areas of outsourcing the delivery of communal services to the private sector.