MSP Backstopping

Country/Locality Serbia
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
MSP Consulting Ltd.
Origin of funding
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Starting date 06/2008
Ending date 03/2011
Partner InterCooperation - Swiss Foundation for Development and International Cooperation
Detailed description of project
Backstopping of the Municipal Support Programme – Phase III, funded by SDC, supporting MSP Consulting Ltd. (Programme Implementing Agency). Within the overall backstopping mandate LGID should provide assistance to efficient and up to date finance management, fiscal decentralization and in the area of company organisational development.
Type of services provided
The first activity within this framework agreement was to support the MSP team in the area of property management: (i) elaborating the concept of property management coaching, training and other forms of capacity development and (ii) planning specific activities in the area of public property decentralization in Serbia. The specific tasks were, as follows:
  • Participation at the one-day-long preparatory workshop on property management with the representatives of the municipalities in the MSP project;
  • At the workshop providing introduction, presenting cases and raising questions for the discussion on selected issues of property management;
  • Assessing Local Self-Governments’ needs, related to the property management and
  • Supporting the elaboration of the Property Management Concept for MSP.