Lot 7 "Final Evaluation of the China Europe Public Administration Programme"

Country/Locality China
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
People’s Republic of China
Origin of funding
European Commission
Starting date 02/2008
Ending date 03/2008
Partner Berenschot International Solutions
Detailed description of project
The goal of the Programme was to assist the process of economic and social reform in China and to increase the understanding and knowledge of public administration between China, the European Union and its Member States. The grant scheme aimed (i) to develop the capacity of the China National School of administration (CNSA) to contribute to national strategic policy development, to train senior central and provincial officials, and staff of Chinese training institutions and to assess the procedures for recruitment and promotion (ii) to develop links between the CNSA, the Ministry of Personnel of China and State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform and their counterparts in European Institutions and EU Member States.
Type of services provided
This final evaluation of the Programme’s results was based on five criteria endorsed by the OECD-DAC and the EU-specific evaluation criteria.