Lot 7, Ex-ante evaluation of the "Reconciliation, confidence building measures and support to civil society" project

Country/Locality Cyprus
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Community
Origin of funding
European Commission
Starting date 03/2007
Ending date 07/2007
Partner Berenschot International Solutions
Detailed description of project
The goal of the project is to facilitate the reunification by encouraging economic development through economic integration and improvement of contacts between the Greek and the Turkish communities and with the European Union, as well. The planned grant scheme aims (i) to facilitate bi-communal projects and (ii) to develop and strengthen the Turkish Cypriot civil society. The actual ex-ante evaluation of this project assessed the past activities of reconciliation and civil society support, developed measures and designed an effective grant scheme for the project, reflecting the Cypriot civil society’s needs.
Type of services provided
This ex-ante evaluation was part of the identification phase of the planned major EC project. The policy research focused on the analysis of state of the civil society regarding bi-communal activities and explored the status of the civil society in the northern part of Cyprus. Using these outputs it provided an ex-ante evaluation for the preparation of the guidelines of the grant schemes.