Advice of fiscal policy reform

Country/Locality Uzbekistan
Overall project value (EUR)
Name of client
Ministry of Finance
Origin of funding
EU Tacis
Starting date 01/2005
Ending date 05/2005
Partner Altair Asesores
Detailed description of project
The project objectives are to build on, and continue, and move on from the work of the EU Uzbek Fiscal Policy Reform project, which ended in August 2003 by enhancing the efficiency of budget expenditures in order to further budget transparency and use these public finance indicators to show trends in fiscal policy and influence and stimulate research.

Specifically the project aims at
  • Improving forecasting of government expenditures on education,
  • Improving forecasting of government expenditure on health care,
  • Assisting in the construction of a financial database of government budget revenues and expenditure (designed for compiling reports according to requests/inquiries.)
Type of services provided
LGID’s role in the project is to develop methodology for the performance-based budgeting in education. In particular:
  1. Determination and development of necessary indicators of amount that characterize the amount of provided budget services in physical terms(school case study)
  2. Development of total expenditure indicators for implementation of individual budget expenditure target
  3. Determination and development of necessary effectiveness indicators that characterize outcome quality parameters within one budget expenditure target
  4. Determination and development of necessary cost indicators that indicate amounts of budget expenditures on providing a budget service unit
  5. Development of efficiency indicators that reflect amounts of finance spent on achieving outcomes