About us

Local Governance Innovation & Development Ltd.'s (LGID) mission is to promote democratic and effective governance throughout Central and Southern Eastern Europe, the New Independent States and beyond. This goal is being achieved through advisory, training and research activities. Our aim is:

(i) to develop modern government systems by promoting public administration and local government reforms;

(ii) to introduce effective methods of public service provision;

(iii) to improve intergovernmental fiscal relations, taxation and financial management practices;

(iv) to support public sector modernisation through institutional reforms, capacity development, organizational and management advice.

LGID is actively involved in analytical work and development. We support public policy making and new management of public service provision. LGID has a strong regional knowledge base in transition countries.


Beginning from January 2010, LGID has become a management-owned company.



LGID services:
  1. Technical assistance and consulting: legal, institutional, managerial, financial, accounting advice and consulting services;
  2. Education and training activities with related supplementary services;
  3. Research in social and human sciences;
  4. Urban and regional development planning and design;
  5. Publication of magazines, journals, books;
  6. Organization of study tours, conferences and exhibitions.

Countries of operation

LGID is mainly involved in development and technical assistance projects in Southern Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but our network of experts and partners covers several countries beyond this region.